What the substitute performance and sheltered workshops is

A sheltered workshop or a sheltered workplace also is a workplace which employs at least 50 % of employees with disabilities. According to Section 9, Paragraph 1 of the Employment Act no. 139/2008, these are companies employing people with disabilities who:

  • are unable to find a job in the open labour market
  • are being trained or prepared for work
  • are temporarily not capable of carrying out their previous job as a result of health hazards if the employer does not have other suitable job for them

There are working conditions in such a sheltered workshop including requirements for job performance tailored to health conditions of people with disabilities.

substitute performance and sheltered workshops

What do you get by working with our sheltered workshop?

According to the law, every business in Slovakia employing more than 20 employees must also employ people with disabilities at least 3.2% of the total employee count. If for some reason it is not possible to create a job position for disabled citizens, the company is forced to pay a fine/transfer once a year.

Do not pay the fine, use the sheltered workshop service

PW Logistics Slovakia is an excellent partner for medium-sized and large companies to save a considerable funds by awarding a contract to our sheltered workshop. These funds are spent effectively and efficiently, as they offer employers the equivalent value in packaging services or printing production.

If you are one of such companies, we have got a solution for you. This cooperation is beneficial to both parties. If you use our services, you will not have pay the fine to the state, and, moreover, you give jobs to disabled citizens. Substitute performance is more convenient than paying contributions to the state.

We can explain the benefits of working with us in the following example.

A company employs 1,000 employees. As provided by the legislation, it should therefore employ 32 people with disabilities (3.2 % out of 1,000). If the company fails to employ any disabled people, it must pay a fine which amounts to € 951 per one person. This sums up to € 30,432 per year. If the company does not want to lose this money, it can use the services of our sheltered workshop. Moreover, in this case the company also gets a discounted rate of € 845 for each employee. If the sheltered workshop gets the contract totalling € 27,040, it is not obliged to pay any fines.