How does the packaging in the PW sheltered workshop in Galanta work?

  • Do you need

    to pack or repack fragile items precisely and reliably?

  • Do you want

    to wrap larger volumes or gift sets of products?

  • Do you lack

    the time and the resources to finalise the goods on your own account?

We have got everything for you!

We will find out – your requirements about the type of packaging and the packaging material’s purpose.
We will advise – you on what kind of packaging and containers are appropriate for your goods, and we will recommend an efficient packaging method with regard to the shape, dimensions, form, design and use of the goods.
We will propose – standard containers or packages tailored to meet all the requirements of your products.
We will wrap – the goods in the most considerate and most effective way, in the shortest time possible.
We will fine tune – all the necessary details of the goods or of the entire series, their packaging and coexistence.
We will label – packaging materials to make them both purposeful and attractive. Again, depending on their goal.

Packaging techniques of the PW sheltered workshop

Manual packaging

If your goods or products require gentle handling, we can package or repackage them for you by hand and in a reliable way. Fragile, delicate or too small, the manual packaging of products is sufficiently thorough to ensure that your products are safe from the beginning to the end of their journey to the customer.

Machine packaging

Larger volumes of goods are packaged using packaging machines and lines, both semi- and fully automatic, to facilitate the work and reduce the time of packaging. Modern machinery lines pack in a logical and innovative manner, in compliance with special requirements. The entire product finalising process including the adaptation of packages to the required conditions, from forming, to filling, closing to finally packaging your products, will be carried out with attention paid to every detail. Machine packaging into different materials of your choice (film, tape) is both consistent and economical. Our machinery offers the following machine packaging possibilities:

  • vacuum packaging by a vacuum packaging machine
  • blister packaging of products

Single and group packaging

Individual product packaging or product package sets, whatever you need to protect with an appropriate cover, or to create a complete package set, we are there to meet your requirements. Gift packages, special offer packages, product series and sets, and many other product variations will be combined, packaged and labelled appropriately according to their intended purpose.

Additional services for packaging

Our approach to packaging your products is comprehensive and complete, and in addition to the product packaging or repackaging, it may also include the following additional services:

  • advice on the selection of appropriate packaging and ensuring packaging material availability for the manufacturing process
  • adapting the packaging materials to the needs of goods and foodstuffs
  • product quality control / treatment of goods / product finalisation
  • manufacture and assembly of manuals, warranty cards, instructions (optional delivery within 24 hours)
  • outsourcing of warranty cards and manuals for the electrical industry
  • inserting parts into bags (PE, PP, ….), closing, finalisation
  • manufacturing, assembling and filling vending stands
  • identification of products and foodstuffs – labelling
  • complete service for product relabeling
  • design solution for packaging materials, labels, displays, vending stands (link)
  • production, printing and application of labels (with text, images, logo, EAN code …) (link)
  • production of price tags

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