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Packing or wrapping a product may look very simple in the beginning, but if you imagine what the packaging has to comply with, the choice of appropriate packing material can also be a challenge.

To make the packaging of your products fulfil all its functions starting from protecting the goods during storage, handling, transport, to the sales counter, where the function is to attract customers’ attention and where the journey does not end at all, it is necessary to take into account a number of aspects.

But you do worry about the theory or ask for practical recommendations from others, just answer our questions and we will recommend the appropriate packaging materials exactly for your business plan. Years of experience help us to recommend you the most optimal alternative at all times.

Why are packaging materials important?

The protection of goods by means of the packaging material against mechanical influences, climate changes or biological considerations and, at the same time, ensuring the hygiene of the packaged goods during the different phases is the essence which even the simplest packaging must comply with.

However, in addition to protecting, packaging materials are also intended to inform the consumer of the product’s characteristics, and at the same time, to attract the consumer’s attention with a compelling design.

We bear in mind your budget and offer packaging materials in a reasonable quality, in optimal quantities, in an adequate design, with standard durability and economic efficiency.

In addition, the highly exceptional and purposeful packaging from the PW sheltered workshops in Galanta are environmentally friendly and thus we contribute not only to the satisfaction of you and your customers, but also to the conservation of the environment, which is something we care about.

We will recommend, design and create the packaging that meets all of the conditions for your goods to succeed in the market, according to your requirements and needs, directly in our sheltered workshop. How does it all work?

Packaging materials from the PW sheltered workshop in Galanta

You can choose from the following options for packaging materials from our sheltered workshop, in standard designs and dimensions, or tailored exactly to your products: (prelinky na jednotlivé podstránky)