Labels and continuous paper

Practical and attractive
A company’s printed materials include labels of various sizes and shapes, materials, designs, using various corporate identity symbols, to promote both the corporate design and the packaging design, distinguishing the product from its competition.

Spectacular and effective labelling of goods with stickers or other labels fulfils several functions. If it is necessary to provide information on industrial materials and products, agricultural products or foodstuffs, labels will fulfil their function perfectly. At any step of the manufacturing process or the ensuing operations of warehousing, logistics, distribution and retail, labelling helps to identify the goods and distinguish them from the competitors’ products.

Labels – the types and uses

Placed on rolls, print labels or rewritable continuous labels can be made of different materials adapted to products and uses.

Labels from the PW sheltered workshop in Galanta

  • paper labels (labels made of white smoothened or glossy paper)
    • self-adhesive labels
    • product labels – labels for product labelling
    • signalling labels suitable for advertising special offers and discounts
    • labels with EAN codes
    • wine bottle labels with special effects, on creative papers – labels for wedding wines, anniversary, celebrations
  • plastic and foil labels
  • textile labels
  • thermoplastic and thermal transfer labels
  • special labels – tailored to your goods

We will prepare labels for your products and goods for you starting from the graphic design to printing and application on products. Just tell us your requirements and then pick up the goods labelled accordingly.

Labels and their advantages

  • providing simple and clear information about the product
  • visible and reliable data for both the supplier and customer
  • efficient and attractive identification of goods
  • well-designed and purpose-enriched product
  • low signage and identification costs
  • various colours and print-on application
  • suitable for both manual and machine labelling

Continuous paper – the types and uses

Carbonless multilayer paper sets facilitate record-keeping while saving the cost of multiple copies necessary in different sections of the production and marketing process.

Easily detachable lateral perforation, one or more layers (1-6 copies) and a variety of weights corresponding to the use are typical characteristics of the continuous paper intended for dot-matrix printers.

When to use continuous paper?

  • postal orders
  • forms and documents for stock records
  • accounting and legal documents (delivery notes, invoices, etc.)
  • commercial records (customer cards and others)
  • statistical forms
  • please add or edit

Continuous paper as well as other printed corporate materials may bear indications depending on the purpose of use, and your requirements. When a logo and company identification data are printed appropriately, the continuous paper becomes company marketing material carrying the symbols of your corporate identity.

Continuous paper and its advantages

  • comfortable copying
  • low cost per copy
  • various number of layers – copies
  • variety of colours
  • optional printing of logo and company information
  • numbering options