Warehousing at the PW sheltered workshop in Galanta

  • Do you needsuitable storage space?
  • Do you lacksufficient temporary or permanent storage space?
  • Are you surprisedby oversized goods arriving earlier than you expected?
  • Take advantageof warehousing at PW in Galanta.

We will protect your goods not only with appropriate packaging, but also effective storage. Storage of goods and products in warehouses compliant with the necessary standards, norms and regulations will protect them from environmental effects, prevent changes in their properties, and provide safety not only for your products but also your business. Thorough record-keeping, a well-proven system and reliable personnel will take care of the efficient storage, pragmatic handling, inventory optimisation and targeted cost reductions of your external storage.

We will store and move your goods and products according to your needs in any time frame.

What can we store in PW warehouses in Galanta?

In addition to any goods packaged by us we provide space for the storage of products packaged on your own account or delivered in packages. The PW storage spaces in Galanta provide optimal conditions for the storage of the following products:

  • storage of agricultural products
  • storage of industrial goods and materials
  • storage of printed materials
  • storage of textile and footwear
  • storage of small and medium sized products
  • storage of single-piece and palletised goods
  • food storage?

Store your goods with us too. We will be happy to take the burden off you. And not just partially, but completely.

In addition to leasing warehouse space we also offer additional services to help you not only store goods, but also perform other related activities on the way to the customer.

Thanks to efficient logistics and the pragmatic division of storage space we can provide for the storage and dispatch of fast-moving inventories as well as the storage of containers and pallets with low speeds.

Additional services for storage:

  • handling of goods – loading, unloading, reloading trucks, containers, crates, pallets
  • distribution and redistribution – combinations of consignments
  • dispatch of goods
  • distribution of goods
  • storage of items not collected?
  • goods packaging (link)
  • finalisation of packages
  • packaging design (link)
  • printing works (Link)
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Where can you find the PW warehouses in Galanta, Slovakia?

The storage space for rent with an area of 600 m2, and an optional extension sufficient for storing 600 pallets as needed, is situated in the industrial zone of Galanta, in a location easily accessible by truck.

The convenient location in southern Slovakia, only 72 km from Bratislava, makes the PW warehouses in Galanta ideal not only for national cooperation, but also for optimal cooperation with the neighbouring countries such as Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, in which our branch offices are located.

When to use the PW storage facility in Galanta?

  • If you do not have your own goods storage facility and if it is more convenient for you to outsource it
  • If your storage capacity is inadequate
  • If you need to store goods on an irregular basis, over a season, in the short term
  • If your storage facilities do not meet the conditions for the storage of specific goods
  • If you are planning to use extra services in addition to storage – packaging/repackaging of goods, labelling of goods, printing services, shipping, distribution, handling

Benefits of storage in PW Galanta

  • cost reduction – you do not need your own storage space or extra personnel.
  • saving time – on the storage, handling, removal from storage and distribution of goods.
  • operational storage – in the case of oversize items, seasonal goods, sales, promotions and other (un)expected events, when it is ideal to outsource storage.
  • long and short term use – we will store your shipments for any time horizon.
  • efficient and reliable – storage areas compliant with the necessary conditions and trained personnel focused on consistent handling will meet the requirements of you and your packages.
  • logically and logistically managed – we are able to receive, store and dispatch products in a short time thanks to an efficient system and best practices.
  • optimal location – PW warehouses are located in Galanta in southern Slovakia, with ideal connections to Bratislava and the surrounding countries.
  • comprehensive services – from packaging, labelling, finalising products, to handling, removal from warehouse and distribution, all under the single roof of our sheltered workshop.
  • substitute performance – the PW sheltered workshop in Galanta will also provide you the substitute performance under the relevant legislation.