Packaging services

  • Don’t know

    how to protect goods effectively during transport?

  • Do you need

    to pack or re-pack your products?

  • Are you looking for

    an optimal type and method of product packaging?

  • We offer a solution

    with the added bonus of a substitute performance

We will protect your goods from external influences and give them a new dimension using efficient packaging. Transport, storage and handling of your products will no longer cause a problem due to damage or poor hygiene.

Give your product an attractive appearance and superior protection. Packaged in our sheltered workshop, your products will both be kept in excellent condition and look great.

We design suitable packaging for your products and goods according to your requirements and ideas, in compliance with environmental regulations, and also in a cost-effective manner for the intended purpose and attractive for end customers.

We pack products for the following sectors

  • agricultural product packaging
  • industrial goods packaging
  • printing product packaging
  • textile and footwear packaging
  • small and medium sized product packaging
  • parcel packaging
  • gift boxes and gift wrapping
  • goods and food repackaging
  • single and group product packaging (gift sets, limited sets, promotional products …)

PW packaging services for businesses

If you are one of the following businesses and companies, we will be happy to wrap or repackage any goods and products, and in addition, provide the substitute performance within the framework of the sheltered workshop.

  • goods and food repackaging for retail chains
  • packaging products for manufacturing companies
  • packaging of goods for foreign and multinational companies
  • packaging for organisations and authorities
  • packaging for state administration
  • packaging as a substitute performance