Printing production – Consulting

  • How many copies of printed leaflets must be printed to achieve efficiency?

  • Where can one get nice packaging or labels done?

  • How much will a custom-made graphical design cost?

  • Do not worry and contact us!

We take the guesswork and concerns away from you, and not just those related to high-quality printing, as well as providing effective solutions.

Printing from the start till the end

We will give you advice – on where to start and how to continue in successfully building the proper image of your company
We will propose – alternatives in line with your requirements and possibilities
We will prepare – price calculations for various printing services and complete service packages for your products
We will recommend – ways to optimise costs in the production of printed materials
We can help – with the related supplementary activities as well
We will take care – of your products on their way to customers in a comprehensive and reliable manner

Additional activities for the entire company printing solution

We don’t just stick with the theory. Our advice is built upon with the following activities:

  • graphic design – packaging design (link)
  • product photos
  • sample production
  • cover printing and print-on application
  • goods packaging
  • storage of goods
  • distribution of goods

Take advantage of the comprehensive services provided by the PW sheltered workshop in Galanta and save time which you can devote to more important things in your business.