Corporate marketing printed materials

High quality presentation
All printed materials issued by a company in the scope of communication with customers and business partners create an image of the company and its activity on the market. Therefore, precise workmanship, quality materials and a representative design of corporate documents is more important than it might seem at first glance. Even small details can enhance the significance or raise the level of a company’s presentation.

If you find consistent brand building and corporate identity important, rely on representative corporate stationery. We will be happy to help, from graphic design to printing. With the substitute performance bonus, your company’s printed marketing materials made by our sheltered workshop PW Galanta can be even more advantageous.

Types of printed corporate materials

We design, photograph, produce, store and deliver the following printed corporate materials tailored to your company:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead paper and offer letters
  • Orders and price lists
  • Company envelopes with a logo
  • Company folders and covers – printed materials with cut-outs, glued
  • Product catalogues and brochures – printed materials with a binding
  • Annual company reports
  • Prospects, promotional campaign flyers, posters – printed company material in loose-leaf or folding format
  • Printed corporate materials for accounting and legal purposes – carbonless printed matter on continuous paper (link), forms, annual reports

Advantages of printed corporate materials

  • effective provision of information – makes your company a business with great customer service.
  • distinction from the competition – not only the visuals, but also a clear layout of the required information on a high-quality substrate reflects the behaviour of an interesting player.
  • attracting customers – it is necessary to increase the interest of potential clients as early as in the stage of collecting information on products and services. Eye-catching business stationery will help you.
  • name and brand building – promote your company with details and enter the minds of customers using high-quality business materials.
  • shaping the corporate image – fancy corporate stationery promotes corporate culture and identity in each direction.
  • optimisation of internal processes – transparent corporate forms facilitate the work within the enterprise and with suppliers.
  • make it simple for the client – thanks to contact data indicated clearly on corporate documents the client will have no problem to find and approach you.