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    is more than just nice packaging

Why does your product need an appropriate packaging design?

Essential for each and every product intended for any customer, suitable packaging is more than just a cover protecting a product or a channel for communicating important information.

Visually appealing covers with positive information represent the primary impetus supporting the decision to buy. By using effective packaging with a concise cover design, the products sell themselves.

We will help your products find their way to the customers and thus meet your business goals. Our workshop’s packaging design will make sure that customers do more than just look at your products.

What advantages does the right packaging design bring?

What will the right packaging design help you with, what may go wrong if it is unsuitable?

Nice packaging is not just about looking good. Through its design, the right packaging creates a message to be conveyed to customers. In addition, a positive message can become the long-term mission of the product, which will ensure not only maintaining the existing, but also bring a constant influx of new customers in the long term.

We will make it possible for you to achieve the mission of your products through the creation and implementation of an adequate packaging design to bring the following benefits to you:

  1. Attract interest – the product stands out from the crowd of other products on the shelves.
  2. Win attention – the product, the information about the product and its effects, and the experience of owning it.
  3. Spark desire – owning the product becomes a real need, to which the customer, influenced properly by the appropriate packaging, succumbs more easily.
  4. Prompt action – it is the looks, colour and shape that sell, and, ultimately, may bring about proceeding beyond the initial luring to purchase.
  5. Bring satisfaction – and if the product it holds is of the same quality, it provides for additional sales.
  6. Add a sense of excellence – not only to the product it dresses, but also its potential owner. After all, owning something nice is a great feeling.
  7. Build the brand – shapes the public awareness about the product, opening the doors to new customers.
  8. Work over the long term – a well designed cover may continue to fulfil its function for years, in ideal cases for decades.
  9. Think prospectively – about the environment and your packaging material costs.
  10. Pack effectively – the packaging design also takes into account the practical use of the product and also its handling or its journey from production to the customer.

We take all of this and a little more into consideration when creating the packaging design for your products. Give your products more value in the form of effective packaging. A packaging design by PW Galanta will help you.

Packaging design from creative design to implementation

  1. We will find out your requirements and ideas as well as your long-term objectives relating to your products and brands.
  2. We will suggest design options for your packaging with regard to potential customers and the market situation.
  3. We will take photos of your products or prepare images necessary for the graphical design of packaging covers in a professional and attractive manner. If you do not have your own visuals or photographs, we can help you in this area.
  4. We will prepare visualisations of your new packaging design for you to have an idea before we transform it into reality.
  5. We will edit the proposed options with you and pick the most appropriate one, which we will ultimately fine-tune down to the smallest detail.
  6. We will manufacture sample packages according to the pre-approved design, or testing packages in smaller quantities.
  7. We will carry out the production of the most successful sample in big quantities and a big style.

We will also supply the packaging material to which the packaging design of our workshop is to be applied. However, we are open to packages designed by you.

In addition to designing packaging for your products we will also take care of production, printing, coating and then packaging or repackaging your products, or storing them as necessary.

Comprehensive services in packaging with the bonus of a substitute performance we provide you with savings and take away your worries.

Cover design for your packaging

We will prepare a graphic design for you for: