Other packaging materials

Variety of materials
We can also help you protect goods and ensure their hygienic environment in any respect using other packaging materials. In the PW sheltered workshop in Galanta, we will package your items manually or by machine, in almost anything, but always consistently and thoroughly. Regardless of the choice of packaging materials, all-in-one packaging services (link to How it works) and the provision of substitute performance is a matter of course with us.

Other packaging materials – the types and uses

Plastic packaging and envelopes

Plastic self-adhesive envelopes made of opaque PVC protect the consignment perfectly even in humid and wet conditions. Lighter goods of flat shapes or documents of various sizes will be kept safe in plastic envelopes throughout the course of their journey to the addressee. Perfectly sealed or glued to the package, they firmly stick onto different surfaces and record any attempt to open them.
We also offer custom-made plastic envelopes in non-standard sizes, with printing.

Air cushions as packaging fillers

Air cushions are a great security feature designed to fill the free space in the package and prevent the movement of goods. Especially effective for fragile objects such as glass, porcelain, electronics, consumer goods and others, plastic or paper air cushions dampen vibration and shock, and protect the products against damage. Owing to their low weight, variety of sizes and minimal waste, the filler cushions are suitable for packages for both economic and environmental reasons.