Packaging film

Transparent flexibility

Foil packaging bears the characteristics of flexibility of this type of packaging material. Stretch, fixing or wraparound packaging film is intended for both manual and machine wrapping of products in foil, ensuring protection from external contamination and also holding the products within the package.

In general, the packaging film is characterised by high strength, impact and puncture resistance, flexibility and perfect adhesion. Moreover, the transparent packaging stretch film provides a perfect view of the packaged product. The black film protects the product from unwanted looks.

Packaging film – the types and uses

Stretch film in rolls

Machine, manual, punched and other films – their flexibility and extensibility allow them to package and hold goods perfectly on pallets, in packages, and wherever one needs to prevent unintended movement of products or packages. From large to medium sizes, the stretch film can do any packaging job.

LDPE wrap films

Shrink film, technical/sheets, machine or manual, plastic bags, sacks, rapid-closure bags, pallet bags, waste bags and shopping bags – given the high strength and not just mechanical durability, the LDPE films are optimal for packaging larger and heavier commodities such as gardening goods (industrial fertilisers, soil, peat, plants), building materials, furniture, foodstuffs, cans and bottles, cardboard boxes, granulated and powdered products, textiles, waste.

HDPE wrap films

Standard, wrapping film, sacks, bags, food bags, waste bags, shopping bags – as they are less durable than LDPE films, they are more suitable for packaging small and light objects and for domestic use.

PVC packaging film

Neutral odour, high strength, impermeability, plus the ability to shrink at relatively low temperatures (80 to 100 °C) predetermines the PVC foil for packaging on small bubble machines.
The PVC foil wraps food of various kinds, as well as any other products.

Polyolefin packaging film

The heat-shrinkable film made of several layers protecting goods against dust and moisture is more environmentally friendly than the PVC film, although they have much in common.
The polyolefin packaging film is suitable for packaging of cosmetics, toys, printed materials, but also food.

Protective foils

Bubble film, foamed sheet, blanks, bags, foam profiles, Flo-Pak – are used for protecting edges and surfaces of products, and also to fill the space in the package, thereby preventing the unwanted movement of the packaged product and protecting it from damage.
Useful especially for fragile objects, furniture and other commodities.

Packaging film and its benefits

  • fixation of goods on pallets, in packages
  • protection of goods against contamination
  • protection of surfaces and edges on products – protective films
  • visibility of packaged goods – transparent films
  • high resistance to damage
  • chemical and thermal resistance and electrical insulation – special LDPE films
  • excellent insulation – protective films
  • Partially recyclable – 100-% recyclable bubble foil
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