Advantages of packaging goods in a sheltered workshop

  • Are you not sure

    whether it is really appropriate to use the services of a sheltered workshop?

  • Do you hesitate

    on whether a sheltered workshop will meet your expectations?

  • Do you ask

    what is in it for you?

The advantages of a sheltered workshop for you

  • outsourcing and substitute performance – we will relieve you from the cost and the time packaging takes when you do it on your own, while providing for you the substitute performance from a sheltered workshop. Do not spend more. We will help save you time and resources.
  • practical and gift wrapping – simple packaging for special purposes or gift boxes and packages, it all depends on your needs.
  • economical and environmentally friendly packaging – we propose the most advantageous packaging method in all respects with regard to your costs and the environment.
  • prompt and reliable services – we have enough manpower and packaging machines to meet your requirements in the shortest possible time and, at the same time, with supreme reliability.
  • custom-made packaging and labelling to rate – we will not just adapt the packaging to your products, we will also design labels tailored to your liking. All managed by us, without any worries on your part.
  • comprehensive and worry-free – the adaptation of packaging to products, product pairing in sets, design, printing and application of labels – product finalisation is our comprehensive solution.
  • randomly and regularly – do you only need to pack goods from time to time? Or repack goods at regular intervals? We adapt to all your regimes.

Enjoy our benefits too.