Adhesive and other tapes

Security fixation
Securing goods using tapes allows fixation in packages or on pallets, thereby strengthening their stability during transportation and handling. Strapping tapes and adhesive tapes are suitable for strapping flat or round shapes which they perfectly wrap around and hold securely. They are also ideal if is not possible to use a packaging foil for oversized consignments or due to adverse weather conditions.

Tapes made of different materials – plastic, steel or textile – find their application in industry, the food industry, construction industry and also in the distribution of goods. Using tapes, it is possible to secure goods with minimal material costs, without increasing the weight. The tapes serve as security seals for postal items, while printed tapes also perform the function of an advertising medium.

Adhesive tapes and other tapes – the types and use

Tie bands and clips

PP, PET, PES bands, steel bands, binding clips, protective plastic corners, strapping equipment, tape stretchers and dispensers – are intended for both manual and machine packaging of goods, ideal for strapping boxes and their fixation on pallets. Using tie bands one can reinforce bulky and heavy loads such as construction materials, crates, containers, tubes, wood, tires and more.

Adhesive tapes

PP tapes, crepe tapes, double sided tapes, printed-on tapes, tapes for closing boxes –adjustable to product shape, the adhesive tapes are also suitable for manual and automatic strapping, and their advantage is the possibility of printing a logo or text on them. Adhesive tapes will hold printed materials, boxes, envelopes and stationery perfectly, and may be even used as security seals for mail.

Tapes and their advantages

  • secure fixation of goods
  • thorough sealing of packages
  • minimum weight
  • low costs
  • multi-coloured finish – PP tapes
  • possibility of printing – adhesive tapes
  • environmentally friendly
  • recyclability
  • suitable for manual and automatic packaging